Tilt & Drip Tea Infuser Mug


These just came in!  The colors are brilliant!  Comes with a 14-ounce ceramic mug, lid (that serves as a covering as you steep and a handy “drip pad” once steeping is done), and an infuser that has the flexibility of fitting in your other favorite mugs in your cupboard.  Pretty functional.  Pretty attractive.  Pretty affordable.

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The infuser rests on the edge of the mug upon steeping, making clean-up so very easy.

Non-silicone base makes it scratch-free and furniture friendly.

There’s a silicone rim on the infuser, making it comfortable to touch when pulling it out of hot tea.

The stainless steel mesh infuser is extra fine–go ahead and use your “finest” tea.  And large enough for all tea leaves to expand.

We like to use two teaspoons of tea with this infuser mug.

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Very Red, Berry Blue, Matcha Green

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