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If you're ever in Cedar Falls, IA, come in and say hi - just look for the sign!



Our online marketplace is open — teas, tools, tons of treats!



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Hello… is it tea you’re looking for?

It’s February 2021…

These Iowa winters were made for TEA!


Our regular hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Closed on Sundays) and we invite you to join us as we cautiously gather together responsibly.  We are once again serving tea in pots and the selection of cups and saucers is yours.  We stay open until 7 on Thursday evenings; watch social media for any BOGO nights we have planned.


We will have new lattes available the first week of March.  If something “minty” is your thing, then you’re gonna love what we have steeping for you!


If you’d like to shop online and you live in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, you can now click “local delivery” or “local pickup” and your shipping fees are waived.  We will also know if you’d prefer to pick up your order or have us deliver it (within 10 miles of the Cellar).


Our newest teas are Caramel Pecan and Tea Cellar White.  Totally different types of tea (one is a pu-erh/rooibos blend and the other is a white chai).  Both are extremely delicious–in our humble opinion.


Thank you for supporting us and many of our small business partners during this time. Wishing you all the best!

Continue your “Underground Tea Experience” in our Above-Ground-New-Location on State Street!

We’re happy to offer some of our favorite teas from the Tea Cellar in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Our online store was, initially, formed at the request of good tea-drinking folks who have visited us, tasted our tea, but live outside our area.  In the four years we’ve been open we have had visitors from 40 states and seven countries. (We can hardly believe that stat ourselves, but our trusty MailChimp analytics has no reason to lie.)

Sooo… peruse the products we currently have up and running. We’ll be adding more amazing products and teas daily!

If you still don’t see it, email us. Kindly say, “Hey! I was in your store and had such-and-such tea.  When are you guys gonna add that one?” And then we will.

It’s that easy.

In the meantime, shop away. Oh, did I mention? We now have TEAscriptions. Let us send you or a loved one or neighbor or coworker or someone you wish to impress tea on a monthly basis. We have six-month and year-long options.

In all seriousness… we are beyond grateful for you—our customer—and hope you’ll find our tea to be delicious, our service to be top notch, and our overall integrity to be more than you asked for.

Win a BeauTEAful basket from the Tea Cellar!

Slip your name and email in our special teapot in the Cellar for our monthly drawing! Increase your chances by coming often and popping your name in as often as you visit!

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