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Don’t cry for tea, ArgenTEAna! The truth is…
I never steeped you… all thru my chai days…

What are your hours?

Monday through Saturday:  8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Thursdays:  8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

We are closed on Sundays

Do you sell tea pots and other accessories?

Yes! We offer a wide selection of tea accessories for you to enjoy the heaven at home. We are currently adding these items to our online store – please click here to view them.

Do you have a Facebook page?

We sure do! And if you like us on Facebook, you’ll be in the loop for amazing giveaways and special events in our store and on our website. Click here to like us!

Why do some products have a blue background while other have a red background?

Great question! Items with blue backgrounds are our regular products. Ones with red backgrounds are specials for the holiday season!


Easy-peezy! Just spend over $75 and your shipping will automatically be free when you check out!

Where else can I buy Tea Cellar tea?

Other than in the Tea Cellar café on Main Street in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and on this site (click here), you can also buy our delicious tea at select Hy-Vee grocery stores in Cedar Falls. For locations, please call us at the Tea Cellar (319-260-2030) and we will be happy to help you!

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! We currently have gift certificates that you may purchase in any denomination – just call us (319-260-2030) and we will send it to you or someone lucky enough to receive a gift from you.

Do you have a video that shows how your tea tumblers work?

Click here to see our video on how these amazing tumblers work!

Tea, Tips, Tricks!

Three T’s of Tea

Remember these three simple T’s and you’re on your way to making a perfect cup or pot of tea!

Black teas and herbal teas can withstand boiling water poured over them; white and green teas cannot (see approximate temperatures on right).

Steeping Time. As a rule, white and green teas steep for 3 minutes, black teas for 4-5 minutes, and herbals for 6-7 minutes.

The quality of your tea is vital. We love that our suppliers have a relationship with the growers and farmers of the tea plantations and hope you can taste and smell the difference.

Note: if a fourth criteria would be added, it would be WATER. Since tea is over 90% water, it stands to reason that your water quality is paramount. We use a simple filter at the Tea Cellar and can notice a big difference in water quality. But water starts with W, so we couldn’t…

Temperature & Time Guide

Type of Tea  |  Water Temp.  |  Sugg. Infusion Time

Green  |  165 – 185 F  |  1 – 3 minutes
White  |  175 – 185  |  1 – 3 minutes
Oolong  |  185 – 205  |  3 – 4 minutes
Black Tea  |  205 – 210  |  3 – 5 minutes
Herbals  |  210  |  4 – 7 minutes

• Avoid bitterness by not over-steeping
• One teaspoon of tea per 6oz. of water
• Pour water over tea places in infuser

How to Brew the Perfect Cup!

1. Heat water to proper temperature*
2. Place strainer/infuser in cup or pot
3. Measure tea into strainer/infuser; a good rule of thumb is one teaspoon of tea for every 6 – 8 ounces
4. Pour heated water over tea leaves; allow leaves to be fully covered and room for expansion
5. Cover the pot or mug with lid to retain heat and flavor
6. Remove leaves upon steeping

Tea Tools

Here are the tools you’ll need/want when making that perfect pot/cup of tea:

Heat Source – whistling tea kettle or electric tea kettle or microwave access

Strainer or Infuser

Perfect Teaspoon – consistent measuring tool

Cup/Mug or Teapot

Trivet – to place your infuser/strainer upon when steeping is completed

Timer – to assure you don’t over- or under-steep

Love tea tender… Love tea brew…