Buckingham Palace


Can’t decide between a black tea or a green tea or an Earl Grey?  That’s fine…..let’s do all three.  And call it good.  The delicate jasmine notes and touch of golden coppery color makes this tea both pretty to look at and pleasurable to sip.  It’s just a very good breakfast (and afternoon) tea.

*Baby Bucks are small containers of tea that’ll make 2-3 cups or a small pot of tea; they allow you to taste test for pennies–100 pennies–that’s why we call them Baby “Bucks”.  Try all 80 flavors of tea!  We won’t mind.

We are now offering this tea in bulk! Because we understand you just don’t wanna run out of your favorite tea!

*15 oz. minimum | $3 per oz.

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Black tea, Green tea, Jasmine + Cornflower petals, Natural flavors

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