Tilt & Drip Tea Infuser Mug (Ripple)


It’s just a classy go-to mug that won’t disappoint!  The ripples add a sophistication and the soft colors will enhance any decor.   Comes in  Mint, Gray, and Blue and we just got in the White w/Lavender Trim.  You just can’t go wrong.    16 ounces will make a very nice mug of tea.    Comes with infuser/strainer as shown.  Boxed. What a great gift idea!  (After you test them out for yourself!)

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The extra-fine, stainless steel, mesh infuser provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for tea leaves to expand and brew.  The Multi-functional lid serves as a holder after leaves are removed from the mug.  (No more dripping on your table or counter!)

We recommend  two teaspoons of tea for the mug.  So easy!  Place tea in strainer, pour proper temperature water over so the leaves are “swimming”, let steep for appropriate time, remove strainer (you can tilt it on the side of the mug to allow excess water to drain).

There ya go!

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Blue, Mint, Gray, White w/Lavender

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